Killman Creek by Rachel Caine {Stephanie’s Review}


Killman Creek by Rachel Caine was picked for November COYER book club. I was so thrilled to be able to continue this series and to be able to talk about it with others! We read Stillhouse Lake for the May book club.

This book was so good!! I was so stressed throughout this whole book. There was a lot of depth to this book. Just when I thought it was about one thing it turned out to be about something else. Or there was just a new part to take into consideration.

There was one part that really frustrated me. One of the character’s moral character is pulled into question. Another character who has no real love for her defends her with logic and everyone else (the people closest to her) is like “Yeah….but.” and continues to question it.

Oh man is Melvin one twisted man. The levels of depravity he went through. You think you’ve hit the bottom and then there’s like four more levels of bottom. Killman Creek was really intense and honestly it’s because of the sheer number of bad people surrounding the main characters.

Killman Creek is told from multiple points of view and I think it was sheer brilliance on Caine’s part. It opened up storylines and helped build suspense. All of the characters (outside of Melvin and crew) were fantastic. I loved spending time with them! Melvin and crew were fantastically awful characters. Characters you felt really good about hating passionately.

I’ll definitely be continuing the series! It also makes me more keenly aware of the loss of Rachel Caine. It’s bittersweet but her legacy lives on in the hearts of her books and readers.

2 responses to “Killman Creek by Rachel Caine {Stephanie’s Review}”

  1. Excellent review! I agree this one was intense and lots of shocking things happen. I am devastated about Rachel Caine; I’ve enjoyed everything I have read of her work.


    1. I didn’t find her until this year with book club. It makes me so sad that I found her too late. ? I’m planning to finish the series this year.


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