Daimon by Jennifer Armentrout {Stephanie’s Review}


Daimon by Jennifer L. Armentrout is a prequel to Half-Blood. Half-Blood was a September COYER book club read. I didn’t quite finish Half-Blood before book club. I was a little over halfway into it and really struggling with Alex as a character. She seemed way to obnoxious and purposely stupid.

Book club mentioned some of their e-copies had the prequel Daimon and felt like it really helped with their tolerance for Alex in Half-Blood. I decided to read it before continuing with Half-Blood and they were right!

Half-Blood starts with a ton of action but doesn’t really go into a lot of detail of a huge life-defining moment for Alex. I really liked that Daimon showed Alex before her world was rocked. It made her more of a likable character. I would definitely suggest reading Daimon by Jennifer L. Armentrout before starting Half-Blood!

6 responses to “Daimon by Jennifer Armentrout {Stephanie’s Review}”

  1. These have great covers but the YA of this type is usually not for me.


    1. I’m learning that this isn’t her best. I guess it’s good to start with the worst as the only way to go is up.


  2. I am happy to see that you liked this one, I do need to explore more of this author, I have really enjoyed her work.


    1. I wouldn’t suggest this series. I’m hearing from a lot of people that she has better material out there. This isn’t bad per se; it just isn’t great.


  3. Daimon was an exciting kick-off to the series, but even so I’ve never been able to finish the Covenant series. I swear, it kills me to even say it, because I’m such a long time fan of JLA and I adore so many of her series, but I just never could gel with the Covenant series. Alex was obnoxious and always so reckless and impulsive. Putting herself and others in danger. She always thought she knew best and never seemed to learn from her mistakes. Plus, I just found the world and the rules so confusing. Pures and half-bloods and daimons and half-daimons (I never could figure out the half-daimon thing).

    And now I’ve written my own novella about the novella. Maybe I have some feelings about this series? LOL slinks off in embarrassment



    1. THANK YOU!! I’m learning this isn’t her best series. I find Alex to be too obnoxious. I get the whole tragic back story with her mother but that doesn’t give her the right to continually put others at risk.

      I’m going to try to continue with the series. I have a hard time letting them go. Lol


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