November 2020 Nostalgia Review Round Up {Stephanie’s Reviews}


I found a list of chronological order reading for all the BSC lines. I removed the Little Sister line as I wasn’t willing to financially commit to it. I hit this book and had no idea what it was. I ordered it from Better World Books and it was too cute! It only took me like 10 minutes to read.

There were postcards, cards that actually opened with the letters written on the cards, and letters that you could pull out from the envelopes and unfold to read. It was great. The chain letter was just revealing a secret to someone. Some of the the secrets were small and some pretty big.

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I genuinely thought that I was going to see something pretty bad in Jessi and the Bad Baby-Sitter. Turns out Wendy wasn’t really bad. She just wasn’t a good fit for the club. Regardless the BSC still has a pretty big issue on their hands.

As Wendy didn’t work out, they’re still short a sitter and things are getting pretty hectic. The thing I liked best in this book is that Jessi’s level head prevailed. She didn’t ditch her friend just because it didn’t work out with some of her other friends! I’m not so sure I would have done the same thing in her place.

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Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum was honestly pretty great. The mystery line so far has been a lot of misses for me. The girls weren’t doing anything too wild in this story. Per usual there was more than met the eye as adults typically don’t consult young teens during private and adult conversations.

In the end there was a perfectly reasonable explanation and the guilty parties were caught. The BSC didn’t have to go to lengths that were unimaginable. It was really enjoyable to not have to suspend reality totally for this story!

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