Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse {Stephanie’s Review}


As it seems with most of the books I read anymore Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse was a COYER book club pick for November. Thankfully when it was picked it was on sale.

Honestly I think I picked up Trail of Lightning at the wrong time. There was just too much going on in the real world. It took me two weeks to finish it. I think the story was incredibly original and I did enjoy it. I loved the insight into the Native American culture and how it was weaved in and around the storyline.

I really thought the way Maggie and her people survived was amazing. The biggest issue I had was the pacing. I really want to stress that it very well could have been what was happening outside of the story.

I really liked Maggie and Kai. I can certainly understand why Maggie is the way she is. Kai always remains a little bit of a mystery. Really all the secondary characters were pretty enjoyable except for the gods. The gods really seemed to be pretty disdainful of the “five-fingered”.

Tah is probably my favorite character. The bad guy had everything Maggie dished out coming his way and probably a bit more if I’m being frank.

Even though I didn’t love Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse I think it was unique enough that I want to continue with the series!

4 responses to “Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse {Stephanie’s Review}”

  1. Great review! I was iffy on this one. Like you say, it was unique and the cultural aspects are a plus. I just felt it was too scattered in plot. Maybe that is just the first book syndrome but I’m not compelled to read more in the series.


    1. Yes it was a solid three for me. Nothing spectacular but enough uniqueness that it saved it. It could be. I won’t be in a hurry to continue especially since the third book isn’t on the horizon. If the third book gets a publish date then I’ll re-evaluate.


  2. I am happy to hear that you liked this one and that this book encouraged you to continue with the series.

    Great review.


    1. Thank you! It was a unique book and there is potential.


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