The Awkward Path to Getting Lucky by Summer Heacock {Stephanie’s Review}


I read and feel in love with Crashing the A-List. I vividly remember being completely alone in the house and giggling like a school girl. I was in a place where I needed that again so I picked up The Awkward Path to Getting Lucky by Summer Heacock.

I have to say that the biggest issue I had with this book is the concept that a woman would be completely fine with suggesting her boyfriend go find lovin’ somewhere else or that he would do so. Other than that I found this to be as funny as Crashing the A-List. Also Ben was an incredibly wonderful hero. I really like him. I liked that the story took place in a bakery and that the storyline incorporated that almost as much as the romance. Throughout the story Kat has quite a bit of pressure on her to win a contract that will really give the bakery the financial stream they need.

I have to say again that I really liked Ben. I thought he was above and beyond understanding and patient. Kat was a bit neurotic but honestly in her situation I probably would have been too. Not so much so to tell my significant other to go satisfy his needs elsewhere but to each their own. I also really loved the sisterhood that existed between all the women who worked at the bakery. They really rallied around Kat and each other when they needed it most.

I’m very sad that I’m caught up on Heacock’s backlist. But I look forward to the day when she’ll have more to read.

6 responses to “The Awkward Path to Getting Lucky by Summer Heacock {Stephanie’s Review}”

  1. This one sounds like a fun read! Yeah, I can’t see giving your guy permission to go play about and being find with it. Still, I’m glad it had you laughing. Great review, Stephanie!



    1. Yes. I did have to suspend reality in a big way through this book but it still had its really great moments. Thank you!


  2. OK I would have to suspend disbelief because the situation is just too weird. Two years? And if he’s waited that long he can’t wait a bit more?


    1. Exactly! If I didn’t focus on it too much it was okay but once I started thinking about if I were in that position it all went sideways. Lol!


  3. Great review you have here. I definitely get your issue with the concept of that situation which just isn’t realistic at all. I do love seeing a hero that is understanding and patient.


    1. Thanks! Yes, Ryan (the boyfriend) was just a bit different and I didn’t want to see them back together. Ben was just such a great guy and was definitely more patient with her than I think I could have been.


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