Well Met by Jen DeLuca {Stephanie’s Review}


I figured it was finally time to read Well Met by Jen DeLuca. Everyone raved about it and the sequel, Well Played, was close to releasing so I thought it was time. I. LOVED. It!

Well Met centers around a small town that really gets into ren faire. Simon takes it super seriously. Emily is new to town and just wants to have fun with it. I loved how detailed DeLuca got with the descriptions of Faire. In my pre-teen and early teen years my family and I used to work at a Renaissance Faire with a woman who travelled across the state selling her baked goods, turkey legs, and beef stew trenchers. Well Met brought back some awesome memories. I read this book with such a big dopey grin on my face.

I really liked so many of these characters! Both Simon and Emily were enjoyable characters. I thought Emily was a little silly at times in the way that she assumed Simon was acting or thinking. I’ll give her that she had just had her heart crapped all over though. Simon was wonderfully socially awkward and DeLuca played that well between Simon and Emily. It was so easy to root for them to get together. The secondary characters were also pretty great and I’m so excited to keep up with them in the continuing books of the series.

I also didn’t think that based on what I had read of the book that when DeLuca got to the sexy times that they would be very sexy. I have re-learned that you shouldn’t make assumptions. It was a delightful surprise.

I’m not sure why I continue to avoid books that receive a lot of good reviews from people I follow. Well Met by Jen DeLuca was the perfect way for me to escape some 2020 blues.

4 responses to “Well Met by Jen DeLuca {Stephanie’s Review}”

  1. Aww….so thrilled to see you enjoyed this one so much here. Especially since it allowed you to escape those 2020 blues.


    1. 2020 has been rough amirite? It was so enjoyable. Definitely cute. I’ll for sure be continuing the series!


  2. I’ve seen other favorable reviews of this one. It sounds great. Fantastic review!


    1. It really was!! I am so nervous about hype books. This one didn’t fail me.


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