Monthly Archives: November 2020

Blogging Ta Da {11/10/20}

Well hhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy! I have goals and I really WANT to accomplish these goals. I broke down all of my goals and tried to determine how much I could accomplish each day. My biggest issue is being an overachiever and burning myself out on Monday and then ignoring all of the carefully constructed plans the rest of the week. I hope that by evenly distributing the […]

Seconds to Live by Melinda Leigh {Stephanie’s Review}

Anne from Books of My Heart buddy read Seconds to Live by Melinda Leigh with me in July. We wanted to finish out the series. Honestly I’ll continue to read Leigh’s work. I really enjoyed the pacing and the twists and turns that popped up. Normally I’m fairly good at seeing the villain in the story. Leigh got me with this one. I went for […]