Blogging Ta Da {11/10/20}

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Blogging Ta Da

Well hhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy! I have goals and I really WANT to accomplish these goals. I broke down all of my goals and tried to determine how much I could accomplish each day. My biggest issue is being an overachiever and burning myself out on Monday and then ignoring all of the carefully constructed plans the rest of the week. I hope that by evenly distributing the work over the entire week, I’ll see more success.

November Goal Check In:

  • Catch up review notes.
  • Schedule all pending reviews.
  • Once pending reviews are caught up; stay current.
  • Schedule all Blogging Ta Da Posts & Wednesday Weekly Wrap Ups for November.
  • Block out November posts.
  • Draft November weekly posts.
  • Draft November TBR review posts.
  • Create November 2020 reading goals.
  • Unpack all of my library boxes (this actually excludes books for the time being).
  • Process one bookshelf of books through my cataloging system.
  • Spend a few hours each week finishing up my Notion set up.
What I’m doing this week to reach those goals:


  • Check/tidy blog roll
  • Write Hounded review notes
  • Write October 2020 BSC review notes
  • Schedule September 2020 BSC reviews
  • Schedule Mother Knows Best review
  • Finalize Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up


  • Update GoodReads with purchases
  • Draft November 2020 TBR review posts
  • Update wrap up post
  • Write Half-blood review notes
  • Write Well Met review notes
  • Schedule Pleasure Unbound review
  • Schedule The Last Move review


  • Write The Awful Path to Getting Lucky review notes
  • Write A Darker Shade of Magic review notes
  • Schedule Hounded review
  • Schedule October BSC reviews
  • Process one stack of books


  • Write The Medical Examiner review notes
  • Write Trail of Lightning review notes
  • Schedule Half-blood review
  • Schedule Well Met review
  • Process one stack of books


  • Schedule The Awkward Path to Getting Lucky review
  • Schedule A Darker Shade of Magic review
  • Spend an hour working on Notion
  • Process one stack of books


  • Schedule Daimon review
  • Schedule Tail of Lightning review
  • Spend an hour working on Notion
  • Process one stack of books


  • Draft December’s TBR review posts
  • Clean up sidebar
  • Finalize Blogging Ta Da
  • Schedule The Medical Examiner review



2 Responses to “Blogging Ta Da {11/10/20}”

  1. Anne Fosse

    I hope this works for you. I have a general idea all the time having a list but shifting priorities based on weather, mood, etc. So far I’m hanging in there. Good luck!

    • Stephanie

      Me too. I do let it flow based on what I feel like doing but this offers a me some structure. I ended up finishing my review notes yesterday because I was on a roll and wanted to wrap up that project.

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