Half-Blood by Jennifer Armentrout {Stephanie’s Review}


Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout was picked as one of the COYER book club selections for September. It’s been on my TBR for awhile so it seemed like a good time to read it. I’ve never read an Armentrout novel before.

I really struggled with Half-Blood in the beginning. It was a very typical chosen one trope with the chosen one saying and doing whatever she pleased. Alex was really reckless with a lot of things. During book club it was recommended that I read Daimon to better understand Alex. I have to say it really did help.

There were a couple of big mysteries being teased through the book. Neither really seemed to be much of a mystery and I have to hope that was intentional. One of them was resolved by the end of the book. The other one not so much.

I did not connect with Alex very much. Even after reading Daimon she was still a bit immature for my tastes. (And yes, I know I’m an adult reading a book about a 17 year old.) I mainly found the plot and the characters surrounding Alex kept my interest. I’m definitely open to continuing the series.

One of the hardest things for me to remember was to “pronounce” daimon as demon when the word popped up in the book. It was used a lot. This is a pet peeve of mine; just use the correct word instead of making it special! Daimon is an actual name that is pronounced DAY-mun.

After having a hard time initially liking Half-Blood I was surprised to find that I ended up liking it!

4 responses to “Half-Blood by Jennifer Armentrout {Stephanie’s Review}”

  1. Somehow I missed that this was your first Armentrout. I’m sorry, she does so much better than this. Yes, this ended up okay, but she’s written some of my favorite books!


    1. No worries! I own enough of them. lol! I’m sure she does. If I remember correctly this is her first book. I’ll definitely be picking up future books.


  2. Gorgeous cover but this is not my genre to read.


    1. It is a pretty cover! Iā€™m hoping the next book is better.


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