October 2020 Nostalgia Review Round Up {Stephanie’s Review}


The title of “Maid Mary Anne” confused me a bit. Mary Anne is struggling with the fact that she thinks she’s self-centered. She gets wrapped up in taking care of one older woman and starts letting other things slide. One time she cleaned the kitchen but the remainder of the time she basically just did a bunch of fetching and talking. The older woman was just lonely. I’m not even sure why Mary Anne got so attached to this woman and felt like she was the only person on the planet who could help her out. The only thing that I can come up with is that Mary Anne is actually the complete opposite of self-centered. I think that may have been the lesson she learned in the book. Eventually Mary Anne course corrects and things work out between the BSC, Logan, and the older woman. (BTW, older is me being nice. Martin made 60 sound like she should have her affairs in order. Lol!!)

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I kind of have to chuckle with the BSC mystery line. If they were adult novels I’d call them solidly in the cozy mystery camp. The girls really got up to some dumb things and put themselves and others, including their baby-sitting charges, in danger. They even start spying Harriet the Spy style with a little notebook. This time Stacey tried to single handedly take down a counterfeiting ring. At some point the adults around them figure out what’s going on and the mystery is solved. These books have offered a fantastic escape throughout 2020. It’s nice to completely suspend reality for a few hours.

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Dawn’s Big Move is the exact reason I decided to read through the whole series. I never got to read this book as a child and it was such a good book. Martin addresses what it would feel like to be a “divorced” kid. In Dawn’s case it was coast to coast. It wouldn’t have helped me personally to read this a child as I’m an adult divorced kid but it may have helped me understand my friend’s lives better. I’m really curious now to see more of Dawn’s life on the West Coast and how the BSC is going to cope without Dawn.

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