The Last Move by Mary Burton {Stephanie’s Review}


The Last Move by Mary Burton was an August COYER book club pick. I decided to read it because I really like to participate in the book club discussions. Plus it’s a romantic suspense and those are right up my alley.

I really liked The Last Move! I’ve never read Burton before but it won’t be the last time I read her. The villain is known to the reader and so is the motivation which usually means an uninteresting plot line as there is very little left to discover. Burton managed to give us a fast paced book that left me wanting more of her writing. I also really liked how she ended the book. All the various strings were tied together with this story which made the ending very satisfactory. It also means I’ll be trying more of her books!

Honestly I really wanted to see that this was a series. The story wrapped up nicely but I really wanted more time with Theo and Kate. I really enjoyed the two of them together. Wanting more time with characters even when the case is wrapped up is a pretty good testament to the writing of the characters. Kate is a bit socially stunted. She is fully capable of interacting with people but is too blunt to develop relationships. Theo was not only a good man but a good father. I also thought the villain back story was very well developed.

I went into The Last Move by Mary Burton with zero expectations and I ended up really enjoying it.

2 responses to “The Last Move by Mary Burton {Stephanie’s Review}”

  1. I really enjoy Mary Burton’s stories too. Fantastic review! I appreciate the combo of action and the great development of the characters and their growth. Theo was wonderful!


    1. Thanks! I’m pretty excited to read a few more of her books!


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