Blogging Ta Da {10/27/20}

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Blogging Ta Da

Well September and October got away from me. We had some things pop up in the family, I decided that I wanted to paint my library three different colors, and October is always a busy month for me. I’ll update you on what I got accomplished from my September goals and then set some goals for November.

November Goals

  • Catch up review notes. – At the time I had them caught up but now I have some more to catch up.
  • Schedule all pending reviews. – IN PROGRESS I had reviews scheduled through the end of September but October was an oasis of reviews. I need to get them caught up again.
  • Once pending reviews are caught up; stay current. – NOT YET STARTED
  • Schedule all Blogging Ta Da Posts & Wednesday Weekly Wrap Ups. – IN PROGRESS This is the first post to go live. I think I’ll be able to stick this out though. – Nope. Sure didn’t. 🙂 But that’s okay. It just means we try again in November.
  • Block out October posts. – COMPLETE
  • Draft October weekly posts. – Not finished
  • Draft September TBR review posts. IN PROGRESS I’ve read, drafted, and scheduled 1 of my September TBR posts.
  • Create October 2020 reading goals. – Not finished.

November Goals

  • Catch up review notes.
  • Schedule all pending reviews.
  • Once pending reviews are caught up; stay current.
  • Schedule all Blogging Ta Da Posts & Wednesday Weekly Wrap Ups for November.
  • Block out November posts.
  • Draft November weekly posts.
  • Draft November TBR review posts.
  • Create November 2020 reading goals.
  • Unpack all of my library boxes (this actually excludes books for the time being).
  • Process one bookshelf of books through my cataloging system.
  • Spend a few hours each week finishing up my Notion set up.



2 Responses to “Blogging Ta Da {10/27/20}”

  1. Anne - Books of My Heart

    I had trouble breaking down my goals this year but the ones I have as hard rules are helping me. I try hard to create the post setup as soon as I get the ARC. I also try to set up in advance for the new year and I have to do that stuff for 2021 soon. I’m doing ok with my read some books I own goal. Good luck!

    • Stephanie

      That’s awesome! I need to set some hard goals and try to build up gradually. It would seem my constant problem is being an overachiever and burning myself out as soon as I begin.

      Fingers crossed I can get it under control.

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