July & August 2020 BSC Nostalgia Reviews

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This was an interesting read. The BSC is faced with something completely new: a home life that isn’t perfect. Granted Kristy’s home life included an absentee father but Lou was a whole different ball game.

Lou was a grieving child who’d been separated from her only family. She was angry and it showed. I liked that the BSC had their horizons widened. I’m also really glad things worked out for Lou!


Claudia really shone in Claudia’s Friend! One of the regular BSC charges has dyslexia and is felling rather lost as everyone tries to make it better. I loved how Claudia found a way to connect with Shea to help him see that his learning disorder doesn’t define him. I also liked that she taught him the ways that she overcame her own learning issues.

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I almost feel bad for this book! I made the mistake of reading some Facebook posts that pointed out just how unlikely some of these situations were. Granted I knew that but it wasn’t something I actively thought about….until 11 year old Jessi was hoping in and out of taxis by herself in New York City. Once I couldn’t get into it the book was ruined for me. I actually really enjoyed the story I just couldn’t settle into it like I usually do.

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Ya know I always thought the Spier/Schaffer union went a little too smoothly! This is when things really hit the fan. I really could understand Dawn’s position. What I couldn’t understand was her need to be so vicious even after she knew Jeff was purposely being a brat. In the end things worked out but I have a feeling this is going to cause a division.

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