September Blogging Goals

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Lists make me feel like I have my life in control. When I accomplish the tasks on my lists, I’m happier. I feel more accomplished. The problem is that I’m unrealistic and a bit of an overachiever.

Normally on Tuesdays I make these long complex lists to try and achieve. This month I’m going to start out by setting my intentions for September. I think I’ll still update you on Tuesdays as to where I’m at. I like that part for accountability.

I mostly use Artful Agenda to accomplish my goals. The app has added some major functions that are making it a real game changer for me! They added repeating tasks which is GREAT because I set up my week the same way each week and I have a lot of repeating daily tasks.

They also added the ability to roll over uncompleted tasks to the next day. I like that I can do that so if I find time on another day, I can see all the things that I want to accomplish still that didn’t get done on the assigned day! *fingers crossed that this motivates and not shames me!*

Now for the list of things I’d like to accomplish this month:

  • Catch up review notes. – Honestly this shouldn’t be too hard. August was a horrible reading month for me.
  • Schedule all pending reviews. – This might be the goal that slows me down. I currently have 14 to schedule but 2 of them I haven’t read yet.
  • Once pending reviews are caught up; stay current. – I’m really hoping that once I’m caught up, I’ll stay motivated to stay caught up.
  • Schedule all Blogging Ta Da Posts & Wednesday Weekly Wrap Ups. – I really do enjoy sharing with my community. Staying on the edges of things has made me feel out of step with people I genuinely enjoy.
  • Block out October posts.
  • Draft October weekly posts.
  • Draft September TBR review posts.
  • Create October 2020 reading goals.

I have a few things that are personal that I want to accomplish as well:

  • Build bookshelves for my library – We’ll be purchasing those on Wednedsay
  • Unpack all books – December marks 2 years since we moved into this house and I’d like to be completely unpacked. Lol
  • Donate books – this one is actually on hold as I found out this morning that they can’t currently accept donations which is what I had expected. So this goal has changed to find a way to store my donations until I can do so.



2 Responses to “September Blogging Goals”

  1. Anne - Books of My Heart

    I love lists and I made a list of what I plan to read in September. It’s the first time I’ve done that. I always have a reading list I work from but this is more specific. I hope it’s not unrealistic but it’s big. I’m glad I’m not the only one not completely unpacked. I moved a year ago and while all my books are unpacked, I haven’t unpacked china or a few other things.

    • Stephanie

      I usually make a list for reading but I’ve become a mood reader so they don’t always work. I hope you get to everything on your list! We’re hoping to be done. I just got more hangers today so we can finish getting everything hung up. I am also just now getting my shelves purchased and built. I’m really hoping September is a productive month!! 🙂 Good luck!

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