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Blogging Ta Da {9/8/20}

I am SO proud of myself this week! Yesterday I worked on blog posts for a HUGE chunk of my day and it was worth it. I like being able to see progress. I also liked not having specific daily goals listed here. I may very well continue this format in the future. We’ll see how it goes! Long Term Goals Check In:

Fable by Adrienne Young {Stephanie’s Review}

I decided to read Fable by Adrienne Young because I really enjoyed Sky in the Deep. I didn’t love The Girl the Sea Gave Back as much. When I heard Young had a new release I had to give it a shot! The title really caught my attention and I wanted to know which way I would land after reading Fable. I really wasn’t sure […]

June 2020 BSC Nostalgia Reads {Stephanie’s Review}

This really wasn’t a mystery at all but I still really enjoyed it. I loved seeing Janine and Claudia start to bond. I missed so much of this with my own sister. (Don’t worry! We’re besties now!) I really liked seeing a different dimension to Janine. I also appreciated that Claudia wasn’t the one in trouble this round! There seems to be a trend through […]