June 2020 BSC Nostalgia Reads {Stephanie’s Review}


This really wasn’t a mystery at all but I still really enjoyed it. I loved seeing Janine and Claudia start to bond. I missed so much of this with my own sister. (Don’t worry! We’re besties now!) I really liked seeing a different dimension to Janine. I also appreciated that Claudia wasn’t the one in trouble this round!

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There seems to be a trend through this stretch where Martin wants us to realize the BSC isn’t perfect and it’s annoying. Just let me have fiction! 🙂 Jessi was a brat in this one. She couldn’t see beyond herself and she was pretty awful towards her friends. Also I feel like Dawn was creating problems where there were none. Of course in the end all of the BSC pulled together to make it all work.

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Martin continues to cover tough stuff. Installments like this remind me show important the BSC books were back then. I was reading these in 4th grade and Martin handled a pretty serious subject like anorexia at a level 10 year old me could handle. I assure you I wouldn’t have learned it anywhere else. Jessi’s thoughtful personality shone in this book.

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This is more the kind of mystery I expect from this line. I also loved how by the end of the book Dawn was a little more accepting of people and their pets. I was actually sort of surprised that Dawn wasn’t a pet lover considering how eco-friendly she is. I guess vegetarian doesn’t automatically equate to animal enthusiast.

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