One Day in December by Josie Silver {Stephanie’s Review}


One of the prompts I had for a round of TBR Monopoly was to read a book that had been gifted to me. During the last round of OTSP Secret Sister that I participated in my lovely sis Victoria sent me One Day in December by Josie Silver.

I am such a sucker for endings. If this book didn’t have such a great ending I think it might have ended up as a three star read. This is definitely a slow burn. I cannot stress that enough. There’s also a lot that happens from Point A to Point B. You might want to know that this book spans years in the characters’s lives. At times it was frustrating. At the end of it all though I liked the experience.

I felt so bad for both Jack and Laurie. They were in such a tough spot. I can certainly imagine how it seemed like the universe was mocking them. One of the biggest issues I had with One Day in December is that Jack and Laurie clearly never stopped having feelings for each other. It made the rest of the book feel a bit icky. It felt like the continued feelings tainted all of their other relationships. Nobody wins in that situation.

In hindsight the ending really saved One Day in December by Josie Silver. I don’t know if it would be worth the journey for other readers.

2 responses to “One Day in December by Josie Silver {Stephanie’s Review}”

  1. I tend to read less regular contemporary romance these days so I try to pick the best ones.


    1. I wouldn’t suggest this one. I was so excited for it so I was disappointed. 😦


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