May 2020 BSC Nostalgia Reviews {Stephanie’s Review}


This was the BSC book I didn’t know I needed! I never knew what happened to Mary Anne’s mother and this book answered so many of those questions for me and for Mary Anne! It did make my opinions of Richard even more divided. I mean I can understand not wanting to go into all of it but Mary Anne should have known the basics about her mother. It was a good book!

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In some books I feel like Dawn is a little full of herself and this is one of them. She drove me nuts in this one and that’s probably the point. Dawn was something I’d never seen before and that was sanctimonious. I’ve never seen any of the BSC members behave like this before.

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My heart hurt for Stacey in this one! I thought that as an adult child my parents divorce would be easier. *forever mockingly laughs at self* I could understand her struggle. Both of her parents needed her and no matter what parents say, it always feels like a choice. Even though the lesson was to lean on community more it still felt like a lose/lose situation for Stacey!

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I had a few books this month that were just misses for me. I didn’t enjoy this book either. I could commiserate with Mallory because I was miserable in gym too. What I didn’t empathize with was her intense attitude. Mallory also refused to hear anything that didn’t jive with her boys are all awful theory. I drew the line when she started including 4 year olds. I guess I have to remember that pre-teens and younger teens are FULL of drama.

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