Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine *Stephanie’s Review*


I read Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine because it was the Suspense pick for COYER Book Club for May (more on book club on Friday!). I was the moderator for the suspense genre for May. Stillhouse Lake had been on my radar for awhile but I hadn’t picked it up for whatever reason. Turns out that was a mistake!

I really liked the plot in Stillhouse Lake. There is one hell of a prequel. Really I feel like this is every woman’s nightmare or at least one of them. Gwen’s character sort of annoyed me at first. Even knowing that she was completely blindsided by her husband’s terrible secret I had a hard time with her character. Gwen understandably had some major trust issues.

Because of the beginning of the story I had a hard time trusting any of the characters. I really liked her children. It would turn out that I trusted the wrong people by the end of the book and that was what made me really enjoy this book!

Typically I really enjoy when an author can surprise me. Rachel Caine definitely surprised me. I don’t feel like that is even a spoiler because during our book club discussion things that were obvious to me weren’t obvious to others and vice versa.

I was sad when we didn’t get to continue the series for book club in June but I’ll definitely be continuing the series on my own or if anyone in COYER is interested I can buddy read the series with them.

2 responses to “Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine *Stephanie’s Review*”

  1. I’m totally current with this series and it is a heck of a ride. I really loved them. Wonderful review!


    1. Good! We seem to have similar tastes in romantic suspense. I’ll definitely continue the series then!


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