April 2020 BSC Nostalgia Read Wrap Up


This book was a quick read and I read it during the pop up Bout of Books in April. Kristy is the last person to see Jake before he goes missing. If you are a child of the 80s or early 90s you’ll remember the Stranger Danger campaign. This book had some aspects of that because missing child. A lot was happening in Kristy and the Missing Child. In the past big situations were overhyped but in this one I felt Martin struck the right tone. I didn’t really get bored during this one and enjoyed the storyline.

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I really enjoyed Jessi’s Gold Medal. Jessi is so graceful and I liked that she was able to show that in different areas other than ballet. I read this book fairly quickly but it did drag in places a bit. There was a lot of focus on Jessi’s competition and not a lot on anything else going on in a normal BSC book. There wasn’t a lot of baby-sitting/meetings/or other members in this book.

One of the things that I enjoy the most is getting to read Jessi’s books for the first time. I had limited access to the library as a kid. I didn’t get to read many of her books or many of the BSC books past the 20s and certainly not the spin off series.

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This is the first Readers’ Request that I’ve ever read. Yes it took me to the age of 35 to get to it. Lol. This one surprised me a bit and I enjoyed it because of that. I never really stopped to think about what life must be like for Logan, the only male baby-sitter I have ever known.

Also whichever ghost writer wrote this book got a little bold. Logan says that Claudia dresses “sexy” and in one of the chapters one of the little boys talks about killing, skinning, chopping off the head of, and cooking a bear. I am not faint of heart nor think this is a huge moral issue. I just thought it was funny and the tone was decidedly different from the girl members of the BSC.

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I really liked this Super Special! I thought the girls all had fun. I could relate 100% to Mallory. Poor girl! Even though she did go way over the top. Eventually you just embrace that its part of you and learn to carry anti itch cream. Dawn was a bit annoying with the whole Lake Monster schtick. I do think it was pretty interesting that she helped a little bit with the island mystery. 

It was a pretty enjoyable read and I’m glad I’m continuing with the series!

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Oof. This one dealt with a pretty heavy topic. I never would have guessed from the title or cover that the book would cover overt racism. It was not a real feel good book and it shouldn’t have been. I imagine if I had read it when I was younger I would have been sickened. I didn’t have experience with racism at all. My entire childhood was spent in a small 99% Caucasian MidWest town. But I knew that you didn’t judge people by the color of their skin. Even reading it as an adult was icky.

I’m glad that they used a popular platform to cover this subject. I just wished that I had read it when I was younger. 

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