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Back around 2011 or so there was a book blog that I followed that did a monthly feature called “Random Acts of Kindness” and it stopped after awhile. I’m sure it became quite the chore to keep up because it BLEW up with so many participants. I’ve been seeing a ton of Tweets lately about wish list threads and how much they are helping during isolation.

I never once considered adding myself to one of these threads. If you suffer from low grade social anxiety like me, you question whether or not you deserve to put your wish list in those threads. Do you interact with that person enough to justify adding your name? The questions can be pretty rough and in the end I never considered myself worthy. Until I saw a tweet from Jana.

There is something so freeing in seeing someone else sharing the same feelings that you have, especially when they are of this nature. Once I saw that I stopped putting restrictions on myself. I had the best day yesterday because I was able to send gifts. Some were received yesterday and some are going to be mailed out in the next few days.

It was awesome to send out so many good vibes and I was also spoiled. It was the first good Wednesday that I’ve had in awhile where I wasn’t really crabby by the end of the day! (Wednesday is my really hard day for whatever reason. I don’t get it.) This is something that I want to keep doing even after isolation. So I need to be able to have this information readily available and I also need to track my spending because this is something that I could spend a LOT of money on without realizing it.

Naturally this led to a spreadsheet:

I thought it would be a good idea to share this because so many people are doing it. I’m sure everyone has their own method of doing it but I wanted to share in case it helps someone!

If you want to join in on the fun drop your wish list in my Twitter thread!



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  1. Berls

    I saw this with teachers this past fall but not in general. How cool! I know the feeling, I’m often reluctant to join things like this as well. I’m glad you went for it. So the idea is to buy things off people’s wish lists and send them? How do you make sure you aren’t buying something someone else is buying?

    • Stephanie

      I just started seeing pop up in my Twitter book community yesterday. I’ve seen people I don’t follow do it before too.

      That’s right! I can’t speak for everyone but I’ve been getting a lot of Amazon gift lists. Amazon is great because it removes items as they are purchased. Either by the person or by you. I did an exclusively Kindle wish list because they are the easiest in my opinion. But I might add other things down the road. They also don’t share your mailing address with senders. I bought two things yesterday to ship and just clicked the box associated with the wish list. I never got the address which is fine because I don’t need it. ? Amazon also typically includes a gift receipt when something is purchased off a list.

  2. ShootingStarsMag

    I did one of these last month and it’s so much fun. I was gifted some lovely items, but I was also able to send books to other people and that’s always a good feeling. I love doing little acts of kindness, and this is an easier way to do it with everyone in isolation. I’m glad you decided to take part. 🙂 Love your way of keeping track on how much you spend.


    • Stephanie

      It was SO much fun! I know for a fact that if I don’t watch myself I’ll go overboard! Lol! I’m glad you had fun participating as well!

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