Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon *Alexa’s Updates*

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I am here to showcase my progress and TBR for Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon! If you want to join you can check out the reader signups! 


My TBR is rather ambitious as usual and I know I will not get to all of these. I would really like to start my reread of the Hunger Games series as well as get further into Wundersmith since I am only currently a few chapters into it. I might break things up with Saga graphic novel or a manga along the way.


Hour 1-4 5am to 9am
Pages Read: 110 (38 pages of Wundersmith + 72 pages of Hunger Games)
Total Pages Read: 110
Feelings: I did sleep in a little bit but I have read over 100 pages so far so I’m feeling good about that!

Hour 5-8 9am- 1pm
Pages Read: 160 (160 pages of Hunger Games)
Total Pages Read: 270
Feelings: Sadly I’m not feeling much while reading/listen to my reread of The Hunger Games. It has been such a long time since I read it but I feel I know the story too well to be surprised by anything. 

Hour 9-12 1pm-5pm
Pages Read: 142 (142 pages of Hunger Games)
Total Pages Read: 412
Feelings: The second half of the Hunger Games was better than the first half and I’m happy I reread it. Now to decide if I should go back to Wundersmith, start Catching Fire, or move onto something else.

Hour 13-16 5pm-9pm
Pages Read: 190 (190 pages of Wundersmith)
Total Pages Read: 602
Feelings: I really wanted to read at least 500 pages during the readathon so I’m extremely happy I read 600! I did want to stay up to finish the last 150 pages of Wundersmith in the next update but I fell asleep since I did not sleep well the night before the readathon started. I’m happy with my progress for one day of reading!

Hour 17-20 9pm-1am
Pages Read:
Total Pages Read:

Hour 21-24 1am-5am
Pages Read:
Total Pages Read:



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