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This week was a bit of a mixed bag which I have come to expect. I started out strong and then come Wednesday (my really hard days for no reason whatsoever). Wednesday I lost all motivation for the goals I had planned. It’s crazy because I feel so much better when I can see my accomplishments. I had the weekend to work on that and after being in a funk for a few days I’m doing better! That also means that it’s time to set goals for this week and keep calm and read and blog on!

Here are this week’s updates and goals!

Previous Week Check In:

  • Posts Scheduled: 2
      Reviews: 1
      Other Post Types: 1
  • Posts Drafted: 9
      Reviews: 2
      Other Post Types: 7
  • Blog Comments Left: 6

Goals Check In

Long Term Goals Check In:
  • Get my 3 (yes 3!) GoodReads wish lists combined down to one
  • Move all books on “clean-tbr” shelf to “unsorted tbr” shelf
  • Add my new shelves to Goodreads
  • Add books from “read-in-xxxx” to a personal spreadsheet then delete shelves from GoodReads
  • Add ebooks from Nook to GoodReads
  • Add ebooks from Kindle to Goodreads
  • Start adding physical books to GoodReads; weed/unhaul as necessary
  • Evaluate wish list books. Move to consideration as necessary
  • Get reviews done for UBB
  • Reformat old posts with new graphics
  • Fix all broken links

This Week’s Goals:

Daily Goals:
  • Empty spam folder
  • Visit at least 5 blogs and leave meaningful comments/share post.
  • Update GoodReads status
  • Check to make sure scheduled post went live
  • Delete junk mail
  • Organize email
  • Reply to Facebook comments
  • Respond to any emails requiring a response
  • Respond to any Twitter mentions/replies
  • Respond to blog comments
Weekly Goals:
  • Tuesday:
      Add Kindle books to GoodReads – 7/16, 8/16, 9/16
      Schedule Dewey’s tracking post
      Schedule The Shadows Between Us review
      Comment on 3 blogs
  • Wednesday:
      Add Kindle books to GoodReads – 4/16, 5/16, 6/16
      Schedule COYER Facebook group post
      Draft April TBR review posts
      Update wrap up post
      Comment on 3 blogs
  • Thursday:
      Add Kindle books to GoodReads – 1/16, 2/16, 3/16
      Block out May 2020 post schedule
      Start working on planner post
      Comment on 3 blogs
  • Friday:
      Add Kindle books to GoodReads – 7/15, 8/15, 9/15, 10/15, 11/15, 12/15
      Schedule Hour of Need review
      Update BSC reviews
      Set alarms for Dewey’s
      Comment on 3 blogs
  • Saturday:
    Dewey’s Day!!
  • Sunday:
      Add Kindle books to GoodReads – 4/15, 5/15, 6/15
      Schedule any pending reviews
      Comment on 3 blogs
  • Monday:
      Add Kindle books to GoodReads – 1/15, 2/15, 3/15
      Finalize Blogging Ta Da
      Comment on 3 blogs



6 Responses to “Blogging Ta Da {20}”

  1. Berls

    Glad you’re doing better! I’m so up and down myself, like a roller coaster of emotions. Good luck, that’s quite a to do list!

    • Stephanie

      It is quite the list isn’t it? I *think* I might have a good way of handling but it’s only my second day. Tomorrow will be the true test as its typically my bad day.

  2. Lover of Romance

    Its so difficult at times to stay on track for goals….hope the lists here will help you more. I need to be better about staying on task since there are so many blog projects I have.

    • Stephanie

      It really is. I have a method that seems to be helping but this is only the first week so I’ll probably share that later this month once I’ve had a chance to test it out!

    • Stephanie

      Thank you so much! I love being organized but my follow through could use some more work. I’m hoping my new method helps me out in this regard. Fingers crossed!

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