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Ooooooooohhhhhh buddy. Has 2020 been like a decade long or is it just me? Right as we got back from vacation the United States joined the pandemic. At the time I was hoping to get back into the swing of things the rug was pulled out from beneath all of us. I’ve been safe at home for 23 days now.

Thankfully I’ve been working remotely for a year and a half. Right now I don’t go back to the office because when I do it’s for a few days. Our office is closed to employees except for quick trips in to do things that can only be done in the office. I’ve only been out to pick up our grocery orders.

To be honest, I’m really not dealing as well as I would have expected and its taken some time to discover a new system that works for me. I think I’m coming out of the fog and I’m learning day by day what “works for me” really looks like.

All that to say I’ve been reading here and there and I’m actually excited about it again. So I’ve decided to dust off my reviewing and blogging skills and see how blogging looks for me in 2020. Things may be inconsistent or different. Some things I’ll probably always do the same way; other things I may find a different way. I’ve decided to be flexible and see how everything flows.

Here are this week’s updates and goals!

Previous Week Check In:

  • Posts Scheduled: 8
      Reviews: 3
      Other Post Types: 5
  • Posts Drafted: 8
      Reviews: 3
      Other Post Types: 5
  • Blog Comments Left: 0 – I really stink at actually leaving comments but I do read quite a few posts. I’ll try to do better with this.

Goals Check In

Long Term Goals Check In:

These are sort of on hold until I get things prioritized. I’ve got too many plates I’m trying to keep spinning. These need set down for the time being.

  • Get my 3 (yes 3!) GoodReads wish lists combined down to one
  • Move all books on “clean-tbr” shelf to “unsorted tbr” shelf
  • Add my new shelves to Goodreads
  • Add books from “read-in-xxxx” to a personal spreadsheet then delete shelves from GoodReads
  • Update my books read spreadsheet
  • Update my ebook purchases spreadsheet
  • Add ebooks from Nook to GoodReads
  • Add ebooks from Kindle to Goodreads
  • Put my physical books into GoodReads
  • Start adding physical books to GoodReads; weed/unhaul as necessary
  • Evaluate wish list books. Move to consideration as necessary
  • Get reviews done for UBB
  • Reformat old posts with new graphics
  • Fix all broken links

This Week’s Goals:

Daily Goals:

Likewise; right now my goals for blogging are simply to blog and not weigh myself down too much right away. I want to get in the swing of things before I add a bunch of daily expectations.

  • Empty spam folder
  • Visit at least 5 blogs and leave meaningful comments/share post.
  • Update GoodReads status
  • Check to make sure scheduled post went live
  • Delete junk mail
  • Organize email
  • Reply to Facebook comments
  • Respond to any emails requiring a response
  • Respond to any Twitter mentions/replies
  • Respond to blog comments
Weekly Goals:

My only goals this week are to get some posts up and ready and just read. There’s a pop up Bout of Books and frankly right now I just want to focus on what makes me happy!



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