The Rise of Magicks by Nora Roberts *Stephanie’s Review*


I don’t know that reading a book about how people live after a global pandemic during a global pandemic was my brightest move but what can you do? I picked up The Rise of Magicks by Nora Roberts because I wanted to conclude the series and hadn’t meant to let it go as long as I did.

I wasn’t disappointed and while it might not have been my brightest idea, this book did give me hope. I really enjoyed the first two books in this series. The end papers were gorgeous but gave me a little bit of anxiety. Truthfully I found a book about people surviving despite very difficult circumstances to be a good choice! Not everyone will respond to this type of story that way though.

We’re finally seeing the end of a story that started in book one and 20 years in the past. At points it did seem to drag a tiny bit for me but it was made up for with fantastical story telling and characters you could really root for.

I know this review is very vague but it is the end of a series and giving away too much will surely spoil the first two books. Also under current circumstances I can’t suggest you run out and buy this book right now. I would 100% recommend adding this book to your list to read once things have settled down a bit.

2 responses to “The Rise of Magicks by Nora Roberts *Stephanie’s Review*”

  1. LOL probably not the most encouraging?? although as human we have experienced and overcome all types of adversity ….if it wasn’t a pandemic it could have been a world war for all we knew. We even had one just a handful of years ago it just wasn’t all over social media or the news even. I have faith it will blow over soon and life will be back to normal.

    Great review, I have really been curious about this new series from Roberts but wanted to wait until this whole pandemic blows over. Not sure how my anxiety levels would handle these books


    1. I know it’s not and that makes me feel horrible because it is a fantastic series! Romance is a bit of a secondary genre in this series but it is still there! It’s a great series but I would feel awful if someone picked it up right now based on my review. The first book would have given me major anxiety if I had read it now. And yes, we’ll get through this because we literally don’t have a choice. Pretty grim but it’s the truth! ?

      Thank you! I definitely recommend the series, just not necessarily right now. Lol!


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