A Virgin River Christmas by Robyn Carr *Stephanie’s Review*


A Virgin River Christmas by Robyn Carr is the first book I reached for once the COVID-19 esh hit the fan. It was on my TBR cart and I knew it would be the exact kind of calming read I’d need during times like these. As it turns out I wasn’t wrong!

Robyn Carr always writes strong leads and Marcie and Ian are no different. Marcie is a little too bull-headed for my liking but her determination saw her accomplishing her goals. So who am I to judge? Ian was damaged by the things he’d been through in his life and retreated thinking it would make everything easier…..until Marcie.

I really enjoyed A Virgin River Christmas! Of course we get a peak at how couples from previous books are doing. That always makes me happy and it is a stranded cabin romance. Watching these two wear each other down was great. It’s sort of acquaintances to lovers and I don’t think that usually works for me but it works here. They aren’t acquaintances but they aren’t exactly friends either. I was so grateful to be in Virgin River at Christmastime instead of the Midwest during COVID.

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