Discussion: For the Love of All That You Hold Dear LET PEOPLE ENJOY THINGS!!

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I saw a Tweet a few months ago and I had to hold back my fingers from entering me into a Twitter swamp that I might not have come back from I had to sit on it for awhile so that I didn’t come across as a raging Internet troll when I addressed the topic. Unless it’s hurting someone LET PEOPLE ENJOY THINGS!!

I realize that I haven’t talked about the Tweet in detail yet. I’m not going to link it. Truthfully considering the bigger conversations taking place right now it isn’t even a big deal. In summation the Tweet was about reviewers and how if a reviewer rates everything 5 stars then the 5 star review means nothing. I believe that there is room for discussion here. Keyword: discussion. But this opinion was delivered as fact and it really rubbed me the wrong way.

There’s so much here that can be discussed. What if that person really knows what they like? What if they are more easily pleased? What if for them, their five star review simply means it was a really good read and worth the time? Reviewing is SO personal. Your five star qualifications probably look a lot more different than mine. And mine probably look a lot different than another book blogger’s. I am positive mine are a lot different than a professional site like Kirkus.

To be honest, my ratings are mostly based on how I feel in the moments after finishing the book. I don’t have a set of scales that I weigh each aspect of the story overall. The fact of the matter is that I don’t feel like I have a high bar for criteria when it comes to what I want in a book. I really need to like the characters and a good plot. Sometimes if I really like the characters I don’t even need a really amazing plot. I’m pretty simple.

I’m taking my reaction to that Tweet with me into 2020. If it isn’t hurting someone, just let people enjoy things. If I don’t like something it takes less energy to just move on from it than it does to try and explain to someone why the thing they enjoy is awful to or for me. I hope more people do the same.



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  1. Michelle @ Fitkittymama Reads

    I agree with you 100% Sometimes I feel like I have a lot of 5 star reads, which means I read a lot of really great books that I loved. I don’t dissect them, because that’s not what reading is about for me. I read because I love to read. I blog about books because I love books and I want to talk about them. To me it makes sense that I rate most of the books I read as 4 or 5 stars. Why am I going to read books that I’m not going to enjoy??

    • Stephanie

      Yes!! I don’t overanalyze my thoughts and feelings which I guess is why I feel like I repeat myself in reviews too much. It really does boil down to if I enjoyed it or not. I explain either way why something really worked for me or didn’t. I’m with you though. I barely rate below a 3 because I know what I like. Of course there are some rare unpleasant surprises but still. When it comes down to it a review is an opinion.

  2. Lover of Romance

    oh wow…..someone said that??!!! How is a 5 star not credible in any way? You are right though, we should be more if it makes you happy and you aren’t hurting anyone—there is no harm in it. Life is to have JOY not misery!! Unfortunately, society is so focused on the negative and not the good things we love in life. I might be a bit pickier than I used to be on books. But honestly, if its a book I can’t put down, leaves me happy as a lark and is re-readable you can bet that is going to be 5 STARS!! That is my formula honestly. Not complex at all.

    Good for you for writing this much needed post and a reminder for everyone to not demean others in their choices especially when its right for them.

    • Stephanie

      Yeah. I looked to see if I could find the Tweet and think it has sense been deleted. For me the issue was really trying that someone felt they had the right to weigh in on the validity off the opinions of other people. 100% everyone has the right to disagree with an opinion but not the validity of it.

      I had to check myself after watching a YouTube video yesterday. I almost got into that comment section and thankfully a friend reminded me that it would be a garbage fire I didn’t need to circle around.

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