Blogging Ta Da {15}

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This week was actually pretty good! I’m starting to get into a groove. I am getting my posts ahead of schedule. I’m reading again which feels great! I’m also starting to get back into reading and commenting on other blogs. I’m also finding ways to set smaller goals and to get those goals accomplished. 🙂 I’m feeling pretty good about things.

It also helps that I have started to get my travel streamlined. This last time worked really well. Overall, I’m feeling pretty happy and that’s a nice change.

Here are this week’s updates and goals!

Previous Week Check In:

  • Posts Scheduled: 7
      Reviews: 1
      Other Post Types: 6
  • Posts Drafted: 14
      Reviews: 1
      Other Post Types: 13
  • Blog Comments Left: 6

Goals Check In

Long Term Goals Check In:
  • Finish my ebook purchases spreadsheet
  • Create/update(?) my books read spreadsheet
  • Get my 3 (yes 3!) GoodReads wish lists combined down to one
  • Put my ebooks into GoodReads
  • Put my physical books into GoodReads
  • Sort out any remaining books on my GoodReads “Want to Read” shelf
  • Get reviews done for UBB
  • Reformat old posts with new graphics
  • Fix all broken links

This Week’s Goals:

Daily Goals:
  • Empty spam folder
  • Visit at least 5 blogs and leave meaningful comments/share post.
  • Update GoodReads status
  • Check to make sure scheduled post went live
  • Delete junk mail
  • Organize email
  • Reply to Facebook comments
  • Respond to any emails requiring a response
  • Respond to any Twitter mentions/replies
  • Respond to blog comments
Weekly Goals:
  • Tuesday:
      Finalize Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up
  • Wednesday:
      Draft 1/6 review
      Schedule 1/10 discussion post
  • Thursday:
      Draft 1/13 review
      Draft 1/24 discussion post
      Draft 1/18 weekend read-a-thon post
      Draft January wrap up post
  • Friday:
      Draft 1/20 review
      Draft 1/27 review
  • Saturday:
      Draft 1/17 discussion post
      Set 2/20 post schedule
  • Sunday:
      Update book spreadsheet
      Update reading log
      Fill out planner
      Add planner to AA
  • Monday:
      Finalize Blogging Ta Da
      Update Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up



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