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So long time no talk. I have been extremely busy this year trying to take an accelerated graduate program while working full time. So I have only read a book when the homework was all done, which it feels like it never is since I am in a never ending program since the classes start one right after another with no breaks.

On top of not having a lot of time to read this year, I DNFed so many novels this year that I can’t even begin to tell you how disappointed I am with books. My time is precious and a lot was wasted on the worst books of the year. However, you are here to read about the best books of the year for me. Here are the top 10 books of this year. Sadly not all of them got a 5 star rating but they were the ones that stuck with me the most or impressed me even if I gave it 4 stars. I would link my reviews but I lacked on blogging this year so instead I’m just going to give a quick impression.



While this book was not a highly rated book for me this year it makes the list for having a great blend of characters, plot and magic. I highly recommend this book if you would like a slightly weird magical adventure that does not take long to read.



This is another book that while I did not rate it high, it has just stuck with me all year. This was one of the first reads of 2019 for me and I still think about it often. I just loved the story development in this one. While there are more books in this series, I am not sure I will read them because I feel satisfied with the ending and story in this one. Just such a good book if you want to read about female power, friendships and surviving.



I have had a lot of ups and downs with Armentrout over the years but this book just swept me up in a new adult feel while carrying out classic YA tropes. I do not think this one brings anything drastically new to the YA fantasy world but I enjoyed the push into more steamy scenes and an older feel. I really liked this one for the simplicity and the older YA feel.


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This book goes to show that sometimes you try a book again a few years later and it works out better for you. I first read this book as an arc well before it was going to publish and I marked it as a DNF back then. I tried it again this year because so many people were excited for the last book and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I really love the power dynamic in this book and the cruel things that happened intrigued me this time because I’m starting to like darker novels more. I wish I had gotten around to reading the last two books in the series but they are high up on my list to read in 2020.



This is another book that I have read before. When I first read it I was very confused and I think I gave the story a 3.5 to a 4 star rating. This year I re-read it so I could read the rest of the series and I enjoyed it so much. I really love the characters in this entire series, the romance, the growth, the murder. I read the entire series this year but this got a new 5 star rating from me and it is my favorite in the entire series.



It has been many years since I last read a Christina Lauren book and I am so glad I picked this one up. This is one of my favorite romance novels of the year for more mainstream romance that I feel many people will enjoy. The enemies to lovers story in here is well told and I loved both main characters and the overall dynamic. This was just a fun book to read and I bought this book off of so many people’s wishlists! I forced it on everyone I encountered that wanted a romance story to read.



This was quite the controversy this year. Many people either love the story or hate it, obviously, I loved it. I really enjoyed the story elements in this one of the gods, magic and war. It was a slowly moving story but I was taken away on the journey with the characters and I love some of the older YA themes in this book.



Sadly I did not read very many adult romance novels this year but this was one of the few I did read and I loved it. I am just a sucker for the alpha male who saves the girl type of story. I thought the romance and relationship in this book was well developed and took time to get to where they were going. I loved the interactions, drama, fight scenes and general love story. It was just perfect for me, this is how I like my romance.



I really loved Caraval and then really did not like Legendary. I was so afraid to read this one because I did not want to be disappointed again. I am so glad I did read it because it was an amazing book. The themes of love and fighting for that love in this book are so profound and touched my soul. I love several of the lines in this book and the overall theme of how far a person will go to love someone else. What makes love special and how these characters fought for it was what made this book so special.



This book is a 2020 release that I got to read early and it was the best book I read all year! I loved this book because it is the perfect blend of a YA historical fantasy book that seamlessly blends with romance. I loved watching the characters grow to care for one another while trying to protect an old magic. Honestly, if you are a romance reader, this is the book for you. Even sitting here trying to come up with my thoughts on this book is difficult because I just loved it so much. This book right here is why I read, to get the feelings I got while reading this book. In the new year go buy it on release day, preorder it, love it!



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