Alexa’s DNFs and Disappointing Reads of 2019

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Disappointing Reads

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I kept with this book because I thought I was going to get a truly remarkable romance read. Something sexy, fresh and erotic. What I got was a book where the main characters all stand around worrying about a house ritual and trying to tell each other that their sexual urges were ok. I wanted a threesome romance with several sexy scenes and I did not get a single thing I wanted out of this book. There are so many better and more erotic storylines out there than this.


Everyone raved about this book! Everyone!
I was so disappointed in this because I did not like either main character and I felt that the witch aspects were so poorly done and took 500+ pages to get to. I hated the religious aspects, the witches, the lack of magic, the romance, the characters. I kept reading because I hoped everyone would grow on me. Instead I got more and more upset the further I read.


Leigh Bardugo, my queen!
This book was very confusing. I think the first 100 pages of this book are a complete mess and even reading to the end did not clear up a lot of the issues and confusion. I did not like the main character Alex at all, through out the entire story she seems to just wander around and get things right at times because she can see spirits. I hated the writing of this one and I was bored while reading. I also do not think the medical things in this book were handled appropriately and there were so many glossed over pieces in such a slow moving book.


This book started off so amazing and special. I really did like the idea of the books having the capability to come to life and destroy things. I liked the idea of the library and people to protect them. Everything else besides that was a nightmare. The main two characters are pretty boring and then there is a forced connection between them. The book just went in a completely different direction in the second half that seemed like a rollercoaster of oh this part was great oh now these next several parts are horrible. Honestly this book was just a missed connection and a plot that ran away from the author.


From the very beginning of this book, the prose was too much. I did not like the way the story was told but kept with it because I thought the characters or the journey were pretty decent. I do have to say I did like the journey and characters but at times the book is way too long and the prose is just too much that you choke on it. A 100 or more pages could have been cut and if the prose was toned down it would have made for a better read.

36483378. sx318

I read this entire book because I do like the characters and I think the magic system is so interesting. However, I did not like where the plot went in this book at all. It felt a mess and that we were moving towards an ending that felt unnatural and not very good.


The first half of this book was good… then the characters went to a completely different place and everything I was enjoying just left the storyline. The second half of the book ruined what was going on in the first half and felt like two completely different books.

DNF/ Will Retry Book


I only read about 75 pages of this one before I gave up on it. I felt a bit bored and the story did not feel developed yet. I did recently talk with some people who have similar taste in books to me and they said to try it again. Apparently after the first 100 pages or so the world does open up and there are more characters and interactions to be had. So I think I would like to try this again when it releases in summer of 2020 since I gave my arc away.


I did read half of this book and I was sort of enjoying what was happening. I feel like I just set this one down and did not get back into it. I do feel that if I am in a different frame of mind that having a dual storyline plot will be easier to read when I am ready for it. There is hints of romance, sex, revenge and other great things here so I would like to maybe try this again.



This book was so weird and I did not like the writing style. I had a friend spoil the ending for me and I am glad I did not finish this one.

36307634. sy475

I love the Grisha world so I was excited to finally start this one a month or so ago. I tried so hard to get through this book. I tried reading it physically, on ebook, and on audio. I made it about half way before I decided I just did not see any plot developing and the characters were not drawing me in. Literally nothing happens in the 250+ pages I read.


Sadly I knew about 50 pages into this one that the story was just not for me.


I think that if I had finished this book I would have rated it a 3 or less so I DNFed the book at about 100 pages in. The storyline just felt really young to me and not developed in the way I was personally looking for.

41219451. sy475

I tried so hard to like this book, I read over half of the story. I finally realized that nothing of interest had happened and I did not like the main character. She was naïve and inexperienced for the mission she was on.


This book is not a romance novel, it is a story about native American rights and saving the planet. The main couple of the story hardly spend any time near each other and the romance was weak at best.


Ugh this book had so much promise but was so boring. I did read over half of this story before I was just so bored with it I just one day never picked it back up.


I slowly just drifted away from this book. I did read about 75 pages and felt it was ok but nothing amazing. I set it down one day and never picked it back up.


Yet another book where I did read over half of the story to give up because nothing of interest was happening. I just felt like this was an ok read and I had issues with where the plot was going and what the purpose was.


I really love Katie McGarry but this new series is just not for me. I do not enjoy the paranormal aspects that feel lost. I also did not connect at all with the main two characters so about half way into this one I set it down.



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