Prophecy by Julie Anne Lindsey *Stephanie’s Review*


Prophecy by Julie Anne Lindsey was my oldest outstanding ARC on NetGalley. I have to say that I’m sorry it took me so long to read but I think I found it at the right time for me.

Prophecy was a lot like other young adult paranormal novels of the time period. It felt like it read a lot like Twilight….but since I’ve been thinking of doing a series re-read of Twilight this wasn’t a bad thing. The really good thing was that it was just different enough even if it had the same vibes. If I start talking about too many details it gets spoilery so I’m just going to leave it at that.

I really liked Prophecy. I’ll admit that I read this book because I’m trying to amp up my NetGalley ratio. I even read it knowing that the series only made it to two books and doesn’t have a resolution. I still really enjoyed it. I even bought a copy of the second book because I want to continue the story even if it doesn’t have a resolution.

I enjoyed the characters and I’m pretty excited to head back to that small town and see what happens next. I did struggle with the beginning. The pacing was a little slow but it picked up. I’m glad that I got this one checked off my list because not only did I get to check it off my list but I also got to read a good story while I was at it!

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