9/19 Nostalgia Review Round Up


This book really drives home how hard a disease juvenile diabetes is to live with. I really felt for Stacey in this one. Yes she did things that she knew she shouldn’t but who among us hasn’t? I was grateful that my parents didn’t divorce until their children were grown. I imagine Stacey’s life could have very well been mine. Overall, I think the important lesson was that Stacey needed to have a serious conversation with her parents and that did eventually happen.

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Poor Dawn! It is so easy to get wrapped up in a project and not realize the enormity of what it will take to see the project through. I easily fall into the category of jumping in first and not always making a plan beforehand. It happens even more easily when someone else benefits from the effort. All Dawn wanted to do was help but she had quite an enormous project on her hands. It was nice to see the BSC pull through for others and each other!

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I particularly enjoy it when we get to see the BSC outside of Stoneybrook. Come to think of it I don’t think any of the Super Specials so far have actually been in Stoneybrook. In New York! New York! we get to see the girls a little more chill than when they were in California. That might have something to do with being closer to home. There wasn’t an overabundance of silliness in this book and it seems like there’s been a lot of that lately. It was nice to see the girls really in their element and having fun.

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This one was pretty interesting! It is the first time in memory (I’ve been at this for a year now so I could be wrong!) that something didn’t work out for the BSC. It was sort of refreshing to see that not every little aspect of their lives turned out a-okay. Of course there was a lesson to be learned but I think this book might have normalized the BSC for younger Stephanie growing up. It’s easy to think life can be just like fiction but harder to remember that fiction rarely resembles life.

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I really liked this one!! Mary Anne has grown so much and I love to see the books where she isn’t reduced to a sniveling bawl-baby for no discernible reason. That doesn’t mean that she didn’t cry; just that there was an understandable reason. I was actually pretty proud of her. Mary Anne had some hard issues (for her) and she worked through them and did what needed being done. It was wonderful to watch! There wasn’t a lot of baby-sitting in this one but apparently the Delaney’s moved. Sometimes the writers just kind of through that information out there. It always makes me wonder how the ghost-writing process worked back in the day.

One response to “9/19 Nostalgia Review Round Up”

  1. This post is bursting with nostalgia. I remember reading Stacey’s Emergency and learning about diabetes for the first time. I still have my copy of New York! New York!


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