Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up {10}

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The Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up is a way for me to share what’s been happening in my life through the week. It will be mostly book related but may include some stuff going on in my real life. It was inspired by Caffeinated Reviewer’s The Sunday Post.

This week was a pretty good one! I actually settled down and did some blogging which felt good. We also didn’t have any plans this weekend. That hasn’t happened in a long time! I can already tell that I’m a little behind on my monthly TBR goals and the next week I’ll be spending time working towards that. I’m pretty excited! I’ve really been enjoying reading again after about a month where I felt like I had to make myself read.

This weekend my husband is wanting to go to Adventure Land (a theme park here in Iowa) so I’m sure we’ll be doing that on Sunday weather permitting. I plan on getting in lots of reading that day. I’m not one for the rides much anymore so I’ll haul around our stuff and read and enjoy the weather while he enjoys the theme park!

Previously on Once Upon a Chapter:

The Lies We Tell by Debra Webb

The Lies We Tell by Debra Webb
Thanks to Harlequin Trade Publishing!

Second Chance Summer by Jill ShalvisI’m really looking forward to finishing this book up. This is the first Jill Shalvis book that I have ever read! I know! Right?! Anyhow, this is the first book that I’ve read that has ever made me flag it for great passages and I love that!

The Secrets We Bury by Debra WebbI’m about 30% through this book and I’m really eager to pick it back up! I don’t think it’s going to take me long to finish either. The first 30% has been amazing. I can’t wait to see where it goes! I’m very much intrigued and there are a lot of things developing right now.

Claudia and the Middle School Mystery by Ann M. MartinMary Anne vs. Logan by Ann M. Martin

I have some catching up to do with my nostalgia reads so I’m going to try and double up for a few weeks.

How is your week shaping up? What exciting things are you reading?!



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