Discussion: Sparking Creativity

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Today I wanted to discuss creativity. Generally speaking I am not a terribly creative person. I often find myself a follower and not a leader. Being creative or original does not come naturally to me.

I have to work at being creative. Coming up with topics to discuss and personal posts requires a bit of a think. I think that my biggest concern is flopping a topic. I’d be lying if I said that I don’t care how many comments or shares a post gets. After all isn’t that why we blog? To engage with our readers?

There are a few ways that I spark creativity and my mood usually dictates which method I use.

1) I sit and look at my monthly spread for posts and find the days that need either a discussion post or a personal post. Then I just start thinking of things I’ve liked on social media lately, my list of discussion topics from a previous think session, posts other bloggers have done, posts other bloggers have done but on a subject I can talk about, or some revelation that has hit me previously. I usually jot these in the Notes app on my phone or a sticky note that I put in my blogging notebook.

2) Brain storm/word association sessions have generated HUGE amounts of discussion post ideas for me in the past. I just start listing everything I like about the book community and reading. Then I just start spitting ideas. Some of those ideas get turned into full fledged posts, some get put on hold until I can develop my idea further, and some just get pitched right away.

3) Look at past posts and see if they could use a fresh take. Admittedly this is a bit of a last ditch effort that I haven’t had to use often. In a pinch it works though. If all else has failed me and nothing is speaking to me, I’ll browse the subjects I’ve discussed in the past. Sometimes doing this will spark new ideas. If that doesn’t work then usually there is something in there that I could revisit.

How do you spark creativity?



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