Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour *Stephanie’s Review*


I’m pretty sure I picked up Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour based on a BookTube wrap up. I had never paid much attention to the author or her books but I saw a video and this title really sounded like it would be a good one. Thankfully I was able to get both the audio and the ebook from the library. I mostly listened to this read.

Everything Leads to You was really enjoyable. Emi was going through some stuff but she wasn’t overly obsessed with it. She had feelings about what was happening but didn’t spend entire pages hashing it out over and over. I’ve seen too much page time taken over by digging deep to see how the main character really truly felt and all the ramifications of that. LaCour lets Emi have her emotions but we aren’t bogged down by them and neither is she.

I also really loved that Emi discovered her own self worth throughout Everything Leads to You. She starts out questioning a lot of the choices she makes and seems to really lack confidence on her own. Slowly that develops and Emi ends up being pretty proud of herself and the things she has accomplished.

The back drop of behind the scenes Hollywood was a pretty great setting. I loved the mystery that was Clive Jones and Ava. I also thought LaCour did a great job of subtly reminding us that just because we know ABOUT people, doesn’t mean that we know THEM; we just know facts about them and parts of them. Fairly early on we’re also reminded that when you are talking about someone’s life that is a LIFE; not just fodder for gossip. I know that sounds like a dumb and rather obvious lesson but it is one that I need a frequent reminder of.

Narration was on point and highly enjoyable.

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