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I’ve owned my fair share of Kindles over the years! I started with the OG Nook but quickly moved over to Kindle once I realized how many more books and awesome deals they had. Kindle ended up being the easiest to work with and I haven’t looked back since!

I thought I’d share today with you my thoughts on some of the more recent Kindles that I’ve had!

Kindle Voyage

Unfortunately Amazon is no longer offering it’s Kindle Voyage. I traded mine in to upgrade to the Oasis and I sort of regret it. The Voyage was wonderful. It had a glass surface, no beveled edges, and page press buttons flush to the surface so it used haptic feedback instead of the button press. The haptic feedback could even be shut off. I really liked this model. Rumors are that they did away with it because their new Oasis was only $250 and that put the two models too closely together.

If Amazon ever released a new ereader similar to the Voyage I would consider pre-ordering it.

Kindle Paperwhite

I picked up the newest version of Amazon’s Paperwhite Kindle because I was uncomfortable traveling back and forth between IA and IL with the Oasis. I don’t keep them in cases but rather sleeves now and I’d hate for something to happen to the more expensive model.

I like this model and I think it is a great introduction to the ereader for someone looking for a backlit reading device. I don’t like reading on my iPad very much at night and I think the ereader gives a nicer in dark reading experience.

The Paperwhite is pretty comparable to the other models. The screen size is smaller than the Oasis but it was pretty close to the same size as the Oasis. The Paperwhite is now waterproof as well so both of my current readers are bathtub friendly. The only drawback of the Paperwhite for me is the lack of page turn buttons. I’ve been spoiled by them!

Kindle Oasis

Last but not least the Oasis. I traded in my Voyage (got a pretty great deal for it!) to upgrade to the Oasis. I really liked that it was waterproof because I do love taking a bath and reading. Plus we cruise more now so it’s a handy feature to have.

The back is unique to the Kindle line up as it is more of an ergonomic grip versus the flat back of the other models. This did take some adjusting to but it is rather nice once I did adjust. The Oasis also has page buttons and they are good but I did like the Voyage’s page press buttons more.

I didn’t comment on the bluetooth aspects of these devices because if I’m going to listen to an audiobook I will use my phone for that. I have never read and listened to a book at the same time because I find myself reading ahead of the audio. This was never a big make-or-break point for me!

Do you own an ereader? What do you like about them? What has been your favorite model?



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