4/19 Nostalgia Read Wrap Up


This is the second Super Special book and one that I’ve never read before. It was filled with typical summer camp experiences. I actually enjoyed some of the non-Stoneybrook campers too! Logan even had a section which was new and exciting!

I’m really enjoying reading these books in chronological order and not just by series. It really helps to fill in some of the cracks. I have to wonder though when they stop aging the girls or mentioning what grade they are in. Time is sort of a loose concept in these books. There have been more season changes than there have been years in school I think.

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I really wasn’t prepared for Mimi to go. I know she was getting older and things weren’t easy for her since her stroke, but it was still hard. I can only imagine how Claudia felt after yelling at Mimi but I think that’s how a lot of family caregivers feel. It is not an easy job.

Martin dealt with the grief process well. I’ve been blessed and I have only lost a grandfather (in my 30s mind you) and the woman who was like a second mother to me. Even when you think you’re prepared, you aren’t. Not really.

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This one was interesting for me. I’ve never seen level-headed Jessi go off the deep end before. Could be because I didn’t get to read many of her books when I was a kid but it could also be that Jessi doesn’t get too deep into anything. She’s very practical and responsible at such a young age!

I feel like Derek got away with a lot because of his status. I don’t think I would have laughed over his big reveal but then again I do tend to be a bit uptight about things. Overall it was still a great book! I really enjoyed getting to see more of Jessi.

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Anne Martin hits with another tough issue (at the time) book. Stacey’s headed back to Stoneybrook but her family is split in two. Mom in Stoneybrook and Dad in New York. Divorce is never easy no matter how amicable the split is. I completely sympathized with Stacey throughout this book.

She has a lot of tough decisions thrown at her and at such a young age. I’m really hoping that she does well with the split. I think being in Stoneybrook and being able to visit her Dad and New York (two things she will love and miss) will help ease her pain a little.

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