ARC Review – Only Ever Her by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen *Stephanie’s Review*


I agreed to review Only Ever Her by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen because I’ve really been on a suspense/thriller kick for months now. They are calling to me.

Only Ever Her was hard to put down. It’s told from 4 different perspectives and includes a wrongfully convicted man, affairs, broken relationships, and long buried family secrets. There was actually quite a lot going on for a relatively short book but it wasn’t overwhelming and it kept the pacing quick.

There were quite a few things that we don’t know in the beginning: who really killed Lydia if not the man convicted? What secret is Clary hiding? What happened to Annie? The good news is that Whalen doesn’t keep us in the dark for these answers.

One thing that I really loved about the way that Whalen told her story is that she didn’t leave any threads hanging! I hate it when there are things left undone. I like resolution and I didn’t have to worry about that here.

One thing that I didn’t love was how Annie treated a few of the people in her life. These were core people and deserved better from her. I know she felt she had to do what she was doing but she was being selfish too.

I kind of feel like Only Ever Her was more than just a thriller read. It didn’t lack in the thriller department but I’m just sad when I think about it now. I’ll definitely be checking out more of Whalen’s work! I really did enjoy this one and I’d like to read more of what she has to offer!

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