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Today I wanted to talk about my favorite podcasts. I was turned on to podcasts from a cross-stitcher’s Facebook group. I’ve been cross-stitching for quite some time but struggle to find the time to stitch and still accomplish blogging/reading goals. In the group discussion they talked about listening to podcasts and audiobooks. I can’t always listen to audiobooks and follow the story but I have always loved true crime and thought I could give podcasts a shot. I love them so much and I’m finding new ones to love every week!

My Favorite Murder is the podcast that started it all for me. Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff co-host and they play beautifully off of each other. These two women at first seemed so different from me. They were so much more laid back and seemingly sure of themselves that it took me awhile to really dive into the podcast.

In the beginning I listened to their show in fits and starts (I’m that way with true crime anyway; got to come up for air at times!). I loved how passionate they were about justice and how open and honest they were about really private struggles. They started My Favorite Murder on a whim and they have made an effing empire from their show. They are smart and wonderful women.

I highly suggest giving their show a listen if you haven’t yet. Be aware though that these stories often have some cringe inducing moments. I’ve listened to every episode now and I look forward to their weekly uploads! Oh and if anyone is wondering I am 100% a Karen.

When I needed a break from the high energy of My Favorite Murder I would binge listen to Someone Knows Something. When I first started listening to this podcast an entire season, which is one case, would be uploaded at the same time. It made for hours of a breathtaking listen.

There is something so calming about the host David Ridgen. He is so genuinely compassionate and yet incredibly determined when he reaches out to the people involved in the case. I love the audio bits that we get while David is working through something or approaching a place. I love that none of it is edited out.

In one of the seasons that we get to listen to in Someone Knows Something a cold case actually finds some resolution. It was pretty thrilling! I can’t recommend this podcast enough to people who may be dipping their toes into true crime.

True Crime Garage is one of the podcasts I’m still working through. Co-hosts Nic and The Captain have a huge back list of episodes! I love how respectful they are. They also don’t hide any theories that they have.

I’m still fairly new to this podcast. I like to work through the back list before listening to the new stuff. I’m still in 2016 and I really enjoy listening to all the cases that they talk about.

There is also a fair representation of people in the cases they present. The research that they’ve put into presenting these cases shows. I can’t wait to work through the rest of them!



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