My Current Favorite Mobile Games

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Sometimes my reading time can be sucked up by mobile games. If it’s going to happen, right now there are two time suckers that are the most likely to blame.

Cooking Craze is one of my biggest time sucks! Every 4 hours you can play a bonus level to gain a lot of coins. This helps level up the ingredients and tools in the regular levels. I LOVE these bonus levels as they tend to be a bit more challenging. Right now I’m only in France so I still have a TON to play. This is also one of the few games that I will use real life cash to buy things in game. My only excuse is that if I want to continue to play the game the developers need a revenue stream. I don’t mind contributing to that revenue considering all the time I do get out of the game.

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Matchington Mansion is hit or miss for me. I like to play it but I find that I can get frustrated pretty easily with some of the levels. Often when there is a level that I can’t seem to beat I’ll abandon the game for months at a time. Eventually I’ll come back to it and usually can beat the level pretty quickly. I just have to give myself time to stop being frustrated with it.

I haven’t even downloaded Stardew Valley for my phone. I have it for my PS4, through Steam, and on my Nintendo Switch. Yes it was worth every penny of every version that I bought. I am terrified to buy it for my phone because I wouldn’t be able to do anything else in my life ever. I get so wrapped up in this game. It reminds me strongly of my favorite DS game Harvest Moon (back in the good days before the company split). I’ve been tempted to purchase it for my phone but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’d like to still be a functioning adult.

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