Mini DNF Reviews: Descendant of the Crane & Dragon Bound

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I was so looking forward to Descendant of the Crane when I picked it up at ALA. I wanted to get lost in an Asian inspired fantasy novel.

When I started this one I was game for it. I liked the general setting of the story and I wanted to know more about the characters. Sadly this one just was very slow going. I managed to read about half of the book before I gave up. The characters were just sort of on the page, they never really did or said anything special. They were all chess pieces moving about the board the author had created. I did fall in love with one character but in the 200 pages I read he was only present for about ten of those and he was obviously a villain in the storyline. What on earth does that say about me. I figured that since I only liked 10 out of 200 pages that it was time to quit.

This was a book I had on my shelf for years and never got rid of in an unhaul because I remember so many people saying this was a favorite of theirs.

Well I think gave this book around 90 pages before the actions of the leading male character drove me crazy. I felt he was way overpowering even for an alpha male. His power was also to give a girl sexy dreams, in which she was not really in my opinion consenting. Also the way he would act, talk, and his general presence just put me off. He did not make my knees weak, he made me want to put the book down and never see his name again.

Aside from him I did think the world was very cool and I did like the leading lady, Pia. I felt that maybe this would just be my least favorite in the series if I could have continued but I was just too disgusted and slightly confused by Dragos to continue reading.




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