Meeting My Favorite Murder

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On March 23rd I was able to attend a live show of My Favorite Murder at the Des Moines Civic Center. My Favorite Murder is one of the first podcasts that hooked me to podcasts. Since then I have found several other favorites. I’ll be doing another post about those soon. I decided to get VIP tickets to the show on a complete whim. Sweatiest five minutes (literally that’s all I had to get tickets) of my life. My FanCult membership paid for itself that day! Recently my husband and I decided that we really wanted to start spending money on experiences. This was one I’ll never forget.

We were about four rows in from the stage and it was really kind of perfect. It was far enough that I wasn’t staring at the floor of the stage and just close enough that I could see the stage and Karen and Georgia clearly. I was shocked at how large the theater was and that it was sold out!

I took my mom with me. My husband Jeff was not interested in the least. In fact at one point we had a serious discussion about why I find true crime so fascinating.

Karen and Georgia did an amazing job and I had SO much fun that night! The show from that night is now Episode 168 and was posted on April 11, 2019. I use Stitcher to follow all of my favorite podcasts. Of course when we were able to meet Karen and Georgia I babbled like a freaking idiot but they were pretty cool about it.

If I am able to drive to see them live again, I would 100% do it. It was such a great time. If you have the chance and you’re a fan, I would suggest that you get a ticket to see the show. It was worth every penny!



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