Discussion: What reading app do you prefer?

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Today I want to talk about reading apps. I’m going to go over some of my favorites and ask for some of yours. As a disclaimer I am using apps that I use for my Apple devices. Most times they will have equal counterparts for Android based devices. For any apps that cost I’ve tried to track down the purchase price.

Kindle: {Free} Of course no reading app list would be complete without mentioning Amazon’s Kindle app. The reason it makes my list as a reader is its versatility and ease of use. I can read across my phone, my tablet, my ereader, and my laptop. Basically on a daily basis I have access to my entire digital library as long as one of those devices is with me. For someone who used to pack books as a higher priority than anything else, this has been a lifesaver.

Libby: {Free} I started using Libby when I started using my library to check out ebooks. I don’t use it as much as I mostly utilize the Kindle library copy more. I do enjoy using the Libby version occasionally just to change up the look of digital copies. I like the more visible options when you change settings in Libby. I also really love the Paperback font!

Scribd: {Subscription based} Scribd has already started saving me money. I always check there first to see if they have a book or audiobook version of a book I’m wanting to read. Thanks to Scribd I was able to listen to a few of the books that I had been wanting to read in audiobook form. Considering that Scribd costs less than a regular credit through Audible I’d say that it has been worth the investment so far.

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Marvin: {App – Free; $4.99 – Unlocks Upgrades in the app} I love Marvin for the ability to be able to customize SO much of an ebook. It’s actually pretty amazing. It is in-depth in a way that I don’t think Amazon will ever be. There are just so many options and customizations. The only downside is that it can only read DRM-free ePubs. So basically your Kindle books aren’t going to work here. Sourcebooks gave you the ability to buy directly from them at one point and they had non-DRM options at the time. I won’t get into the politics surrounding DRM in this post because it just isn’t the place for it.

Audible: {App – Free; Paid content from website} Now that I commute 4 hours round trip twice a month and I can’t stand to listen to the radio for long periods of time podcasts and audiobooks have become life savers! Generally I like to read new to me books but I’ve been finding that in the car when I’m focusing on driving audiobooks help get me through it. I’ve started hoarding my credits and try to use my library and Scribd first but I still have a pretty impressive Audible collection.

What are some of your favorite reading apps?



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