Discussion: Do you draw inspiration from other bloggers?

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The short answer is hell yes I do! If you want to meet some of the most creative people on the planet find yourself a book blogger/Instagramer/YouTuber who likes the same stuff you do. You’ll be amazed at what they can produce.

I have always looked for bloggers who I admire. There are a lot of them out there. (In fact, I think I may do a post about them at some point!) Often times when I have considered not blogging anymore it is other book bloggers who keep me going. The fact of the matter is the book community can be a fantastic place to be and bloggers offer a space to meet so to speak.

Different bloggers inspire me in different ways. I go to some blogs for the way they inspire me to be organized and on top of things. I go to other blogs because I know we share similar reading tastes. Some have really awesome non-bookish posts (and their book posts are great too!).

I’m often inspired by other blog posts to do similar ones for Once Upon a Chapter. Sometimes I’ll find an organizational tip or technique that makes my life SO much easier. I try to always credit my inspiration or mention where the idea is coming from if it wasn’t a light bulb popping moment for me personally.

As a blogger, are you inspired by other book bloggers?



2 Responses to “Discussion: Do you draw inspiration from other bloggers?”

  1. Lauren @ Bookmark Lit

    Totally! I feel like I write a lot of posts directly because of either chatting with other bloggers or reading their posts. Someone left a comment on a recent post of mine that just inspired me to write a whole discussion 🙂

    • Stephanie

      I’ve had a few posts hit due to inspiration. One will be forthcoming due to another blogger’s recent posts on series. 😉 I think it’s great that we can draw inspiration from each other!

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