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I’m always trying new things and trying to figure out how to best make my real life and my blogging life mesh well. I’ve been botching that for a few solid years now. I’ve been flipping between treating this like a professional job (which it isn’t) to way too laid back to be accomplishing anything. There has to be a good balance in there somewhere right?

For the time I’m going to be focusing on making this more my piece of the Internet while still maintaining professionalism. I love blogs who don’t strictly adhere to a schedule but are still professionals in the way they run their blogs. That is what I’m hoping to accomplish here at Once Upon a Chapter.

In order to do that I do have some of my long term goals that I’m still working on. I also need to get my reviews caught up so that I don’t forget things. I also want to try to start getting ahead of myself with posts. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to unplug without it being noticed but I think I’m okay with that too. At 34 years old I’m still finding out what works for me. I’ve accepted that we constantly change as people and that means what works for us also has to change as we do.

With that in mind, I’m cutting out some of the things I considered “necessary” in the past and I want to focus more on a homestyle approach to blogging. I think it may be the only way that I’ll survive as a blogger. With that being said my goal is to get 4 posts done a day until I am caught up with my past reviews and then cut it down to two posts a day until I’m far enough out that I can breath for a bit. Then I’ll probably start focusing on some of these long term goals and getting them off the list too.

Rather than creating constant lists of “to dos” each week I’m going to share with you my previous week’s “ta da” list (a list of all the things I accomplished). Rather than dwell on what I’m not getting done, I’m going to focus on what I have done and simply move anything not done to the next week’s goals. This shift in focus has helped me immensely in my career so I’m not sure why I’ve never applied that same concept to blogging.

Goals Check In

Long Term Goals Check In:
  • Finish my ebook purchases spreadsheet
  • Create/update(?) my books read spreadsheet
  • Get my 3 (yes 3!) GoodReads wish lists combined down to one
  • Put my ebooks into GoodReads
  • Put my physical books into GoodReads
  • Sort out any remaining books on my GoodReads “Want to Read” shelf
  • Get reviews done for UBB
  • Reformat old posts with new graphics
  • Fix all broken links

This Week’s Goals:

Daily Goals:
  • Empty spam folder
  • Visit at least 5 blogs and leave meaningful comments/share post.
  • Update GoodReads status
  • Check to make sure scheduled post went live
  • Delete junk mail
  • Organize email
  • Reply to Facebook comments
  • Respond to any emails requiring a response
  • Respond to any Twitter mentions/replies
  • Respond to blog comments
Weekly Goals:

  • Schedule Whispering Rock review
  • Schedule March 2019 Nostalgia reviews
  • Schedule bloggy goals post
  • Schedule Week in Review post
  • Catch up Bookly
  • Catch up reading log

  • Schedule The Shadow Cabinet review
  • Schedule The View from Alameda Island review
  • Schedule 4/12 discussion post
  • Schedule 4/13 stack of 10

  • Schedule On the Come Up review
  • Schedule Of Blood and Bone review
  • Schedule 4/14 Sunday non-bookish post
  • Draft 4/16 Blogging Ta Da

  • Schedule The Reckoning review
  • Draft 4/17 Week in Review
  • Schedule 4/19 discussion post
  • Catch up reading log

  • Clean up side bar
  • Draft 5 book review posts from stack of 10
  • Schedule 4/21 Sunday non-bookish post

  • Draft 4/23 Blogging Ta Da
  • Draft 4/24 Week in Review

  • Finalize Blogging Ta Da.
  • Schedule 4/26 discussion post
  • Schedule 4/28 non-bookish post
  • Check blog roll
  • Update planner for coming week’s tasks
  • Catch up reading log



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    • Stephanie

      Yep! That’s where I got the phrase. I’ve been doing it for years at work. I was getting frustrated about not feeling like I accomplished anything with my to do list and switched to making a list of everything I did in a day. It really made a difference! 🙂

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