Blogging Ta Da {2}

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Previous Week Check In:

  • Posts Scheduled: 3
      Reviews: 0
      Other Post Types: 3
  • Posts Drafted: 5
      Reviews: 0
      Other Post Types: 5
  • Blog Comments Left: 0 – I really need to up my game here.

Goals Check In

Long Term Goals Check In:
  • Finish my ebook purchases spreadsheet
  • Create/update(?) my books read spreadsheet
  • Get my 3 (yes 3!) GoodReads wish lists combined down to one
  • Put my ebooks into GoodReads
  • Put my physical books into GoodReads
  • Sort out any remaining books on my GoodReads “Want to Read” shelf
  • Get reviews done for UBB
  • Reformat old posts with new graphics
  • Fix all broken links

This Week’s Goals:

Daily Goals:
  • Empty spam folder
  • Visit at least 5 blogs and leave meaningful comments/share post.
  • Update GoodReads status
  • Check to make sure scheduled post went live
  • Delete junk mail
  • Organize email
  • Reply to Facebook comments
  • Respond to any emails requiring a response
  • Respond to any Twitter mentions/replies
  • Respond to blog comments
Weekly Goals:
  • Tuesday:
      Draft 5/14 Blogging Ta Da
      Draft 5/15 Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up
      Schedule 5/17 discussion post
      Schedule 5/19 post
  • Wednesday:
      Draft 5/21 Blogging Ta Da
      Draft 5/22 Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up
      Schedule 5/24 discussion post
  • Thursday:
      Schedule 5/26 non-bookish post
      Draft 5/28 Blogging Ta Da
      Draft 5/29 Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up
  • Friday:
      Draft June 2019 TBR Pile post
      Work out June 2019 blog schedule
      Draft May 2019 wrap up post
      Catch up reading log
  • Saturday:
      Schedule 6/2 non-bookish discussion post
      Draft 6/4 Blogging Ta Da
      Draft 6/5 Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up
  • Sunday:
      Clean up side bar
      Schedule 6/7 discussion
      Schedule 6/9 non-bookish post
  • Monday:
      Finalize Blogging Ta Da
      Schedule any pending review posts
      Check blog roll
      Update planner with upcoming week’s tasks
      Catch up reading log



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