March 2019 Nostalgia Reads Round Up

I really am liking Mallory now that I’ve grown up a bit. She is so level headed. When she had issues with one of her charges the other members stepped in to help her out. It was nice to see her also gain a little independence. I remember being that age but unfortunately I wasn’t given any responsibility. I can appreciate where Mallory is coming from a little bit.

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Another great book about Jessi. This one didn’t involve many KID sitting jobs but it did have lots and lots of animals. Today the Mancusis might come under some criticism for the amount of animals they have. Blissfully in 1988 Stoneybrook that isn’t a problem. Jessi continues to be an incredibly mature 12 year old. She was exactly the kind of girl I wanted to be at that age. I enjoyed this book a lot.

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I LOVED this book. California was such a foreign place to me as a young girl. In my entire childhood we never traveled more than an hour in any direction. To spend a whole BSC book in California was awesome! (I’ve since visited CA.) I also really enjoyed seeing the comparison of Dawn’s east coast vs west coast life. I could also REALLY relate to Dawn having such a hard time feeling like she wanted to be in two places at the same time. I don’t know how at 13 she was able to make a decision even adults struggle with.

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This wasn’t one of my favorites but it does bring us Emily Michelle. It also made me realize just how hard Mother’s day must be in school when you have no mother (or an absent mother). In order to celebrate the mothers the BSC sits for they decide to do something similar to the summer day camp. I love how the girls got the dads to take care of lunches and transportation.

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Normally I identify quite a bit with Mary Anne but this time around she was a bit too sensitive for my tastes. I’ve never had a pet like Tigger so I can’t 100% identify with what she was going through but it would be awful. That much I do know. Most of the book was spent with everyone rallying around Mary Anne and trying to find Tigger. Again with this book I had to giggle a little a bit at the total 80s-ness fiction because if I had pulled what Kerry had pulled you better believe I would have been whooped! There wouldn’t have been any understanding about keeping a pet that I knew was someone else’s.

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