Discussion: Do you read holiday books ONLY at the holiday time?

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One of the books on my March to be read pile is a Christmas book. It’s March. It never once occurred to me that this may be odd. When I stopped to admire my TBR cart the fact that I had a lone Christmas book stood out to me and made me realize that this may not be the case for everyone else. That’s when I decided it would make a great discussion post.

For me, I actually enjoy sprinkling a bit of holiday reading throughout the year. There is nothing that I enjoy more on a hot muggy August day than sitting down to read about snow and Christmas and everything that goes with it. It really helps to know that when the humidity makes going outside feel like you’re breathing soup there is a book that can take you out of it. It makes me realize that I won’t always feel that way and that snow will be here before we know it. (And then I’ll be blaming the snow for all the evil in the world and wishing for summer!)

I also really enjoy reading holiday books in November and December. I love nothing more than to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and read about people who are celebrating the holiday season. How about you? Do you like to keep your holiday reading strictly to the holiday season or do you read them year round?



2 Responses to “Discussion: Do you read holiday books ONLY at the holiday time?”

  1. Lauren @ Bookmark Lit

    Omg I am so anal about this hahaha I only read them in November/December! This is just me being super picky and wanting to be 100% in the holiday season each year lol. I have considered reading some kind of light holiday book in July as a “Christmas in July” kind of thing, just for fun, but haven’t found the right book for it yet. I barely even like reading summertime books in the winter hahaha. I just did a blog tour for a book that’s SO summery, I was bummed I read it in March. I fully dive in on my seasons LOL

    • Stephanie

      There’s nothing wrong with that at all! I really seem to be all over the place with my reading but I’m getting better at focusing in on my goals. Reading holiday books may become a thing for me that I do only around the holidays as well.

      I did do it for Halloween this year and it hooked me back on suspense and paranormal and it has carried through my TBR piles since then. Lol!

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