Discussion: Do you accept review requests?

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It comes up every so often in the book blogging and reading community: ARCs or advanced reader copies. I covered the last bit of author/blogger drama and it sort of sparked a desire to blog again. I guess there is at least that. Whenever it pops up it always opens the conversation on professional and personal levels. I think it also allows bloggers to re-examine the state of their ARC desires versus efforts. It always does for me.

I’v been pretty tentative with this last foray into blogging. I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep and I want my word to mean something among the publishing industry; authors and publishers alike. I feel like this is something that some of us have to learn. I think we all get stars in our eyes thinking that an ARC is something shiny and special and it is! I know that personally I over promised and took on books that I might not otherwise have read simply because it was being offered.

I have purposely not looked at NetGalley or Edelweiss and I’ve never really had those big name connections that I used to long for. I did have one company that I used to work with but I’m sure I’ve burnt that bridge, unintentionally or not. There is one company that always gets me. I’ve accepted two egalleys from them and I’ve already read one. I want to make sure that my name stays on that list.

There are also a handful of authors that I will work directly with. I love their work and am so happy to see their successes. I keep those relationships because not only are they fantastic people but I LOVE THEIR WORK. I know it seems silly to stress that but I really want to go back and explain to baby blogger Stephanie the distinction. Let’s be real though, she wouldn’t listen anyway. *eye roll*

In attempt to make up for my past mistakes I HAVE kept a list of all the review requests I took on and never got to. I’m going to try and get them caught up even if it is years after the fact. I’m sure it only matters to me but that is reason enough for me to do it.

That brings me to today’s question:

Do you accept review requests?



4 Responses to “Discussion: Do you accept review requests?”

  1. Lauren @ Bookmark Lit

    I’m definitely picky about them! I don’t go for self-published authors/titles who send me info through the contact form usually. I do accept them via email from publishers or publicists, as long as the books sound up my alley! I tend to get addicted to Netgalley, so that’s my hang-up haha.

    • Stephanie

      I try to avoid most self-pubs. There’s just SO many of them that it has to be something specific. I have read plenty outside of review requests. I’m trying to avoid NetGalley because I get click happy. Lol. I’m learning to be more selective and checking in with what I already have. I think as long as I keep it in check I’ll be alright. 🙂

      You seem to be able to handle your ARCs very well!

  2. Michelle @ In Libris Veritas

    I don’t really accept request anymore, and if I do it’s from a very small pool of authors, narrators, or publishers. I do get unsolicited book still and I try to check out NetGalley a couple of times of month, but life has been kind of all over the place and it doesn’t allow for a lot of excess reading time. Especially reading time that has a ‘due date’.

    • Stephanie

      Thankfully (I think?) I didn’t end up on many lists that were in the habit of sending out ARCs unsolicited. I can completely understand life getting in the way a bit! It’s what made me take a step back and examine what was really important when it comes to time management. I really struggle with the reading on a due date. Even with library books. I have no idea why. I guess I just like being contrary. Who knows?!

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