Discussion: How Do You Decide Which Audiobooks to Purchase?

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Audiobooks seem to be hit and miss with me. I really enjoy the convenience they offer and there are a few where the performance is great and I listen to them over and over again as comfort listens. Sometimes I just really need to see the words to soak them in. The past few years I’ve gone with Audible’s premium package where you get 24 credits in one shot. I like this package because I don’t have to wait for new credits to roll in and I can almost always pick up additional credits 3 for $30.00 after I’ve gone through the 24.

Working remotely means that I will have more time to listen while I work. I do have some problems with that though because if I end up having to really concentrate on something I lose the thread of the story and have to back track. It also means that 2 times a month I have a 4 hour round trip commute where I can listen.

In the past I just purchased every audiobook that was available and also in my TBR. I have a few narrators that I know I like otherwise I’m pretty open to new narrators. This last TBR pile I did listen to the snippet on Audible because there are just some narrators who I don’t jive well with. All of them passed the snippet test this time. I also have the romance package from Audible which really helps out with not having to purchase but still being able to listen.

All of that to ask you this: how do you chose which books to PURCHASE? What sways your decision? I just got a library card to a larger library and I DO plan on checking their audio collection before purchasing but I’d like to know what goes into your decision too! Drop your tips in the comments below!



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  1. Lover of Romance

    Such a great topic to discuss, I love Audiobooks. My library has a good selection of romance, but mostly just historical though and a little but of the other sub genres. So I tend to get audiobooks that my library doesn’t carry. I do love the Audible Romance Package so currently its just books that aren’t in that package and not available in my library or Scribd. I do have a wishlist of books I would like to listen to, and I just go through that list and see what I am in the mood for.

    • Stephanie

      I’m learning to love them. There are still times when I’d rather be doing the reading myself but I do love them for the times when I CAN’T read them for myself. I just signed up for Scribd today. It seems like they had a lot more options than when I was there the last time. I think between the library, Scribd, and Amazon’s romance package, I should be fine but I like having Audible as a back up. Maybe next year I’ll be able to back down the amount of credits I purchase.

  2. Lauren @ Bookmark Lit

    This is a weird one for me to actually answer but I’m going to talk anyways hahaha. I actually use Scribd for audiobooks and it’s $8-9 per month for unlimited audiobooks. I don’t like having to purchase them because it just feels too expensive when I know I can listen to more for less money, if that makes sense! Although, Audible is helpful because you can pick/buy ANYTHING. With Scribd, you have to want to listen to what they have. I actually have a post about it coming next week. I usually renew my Audible subscription every so often but it’s usually to track down a book I really want to listen to or already have others in the series. I have all of the Sarah J. Maas books as audiobooks because I’m bad with *reading* fantasy and do much better listening to it. I also love specific narrators, like Julia Whalen!

    • Stephanie

      That’s pretty much what we do right? I love it! I just signed up for Scribd based on the comments on this post! I don’t love purchasing them because I almost always listen only once and never in its entirety. It makes so much sense! Based on the ONE audiobook I will be listening to this month for sure, Scribd will be saving me money. I can’t wait to read your post! I have Maas’s books as well. I like the narrator for her books!

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